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Excision unleashes colossal ‘Night: Vol. 2’ compilation on Subsidia Records

Back in September, Excision (real name: Jeff Abel) effectively took over the bass music world with the launch of his Subsidia Records imprint. The launch came along with a monstrous three-part compilation release, Dawn: Vol. 1, Dusk: Vol. 1, and Night: Vol. 1, respectively. “Dawn leans more melodic, Dusk is more experimental bass and Night features the heaviest tracks,” Excision explained of the label’s curation. Now label helmer Jeff Abel is here once again with the second installment of his heavy bass sector of Subsidia, Night: Vol. 2.

Shortly after announcing the project, fans learned that the compilation would feature cut-throat selections from Psyoctave, Cvptagon, Downlink, and even original from Excision himself, and tons more. Now that the time for that hellraising project has come to pass as Night: Vol. 2 enters through the radiowaves and into the collective consciousness. The 20-track collection is utter doomsday dubstep in all its glory. From the boisterous energy of the LP opener, Blaize’s “Pick It Up,” to the heavy and ferocious of KULTIVATE’s “Stomp” and Antiserum’s “Danger Close,” to the paralyzing closer, “Riddim Slut,” from JAYSYX and Autokorekt, the entire second installment packs a punch from start to finish.

One standout offering on the collection is from Dubscribe, whose remix of an Excision & Downlink old crowd-pleaser, “Robo Kitty.” The remix breathes new life into an old classic with its cyber-tronic builds, demolition drops, chaotic undertows, and thrashing synths. If it’s first-rate, definitive dubstep one is after, or the older post-apocalyptic sounds that Excision built his career on, this is a list of prototypical bass artists that’ll every headbanger will want to start following. The best part? They are all newer, lesser-known artists!

Subsidia Records – Night: Vol. 2

Photo credit: Brian Killian/FilmMagic.

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