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Excision announces forthcoming Subsidia compilation, ‘Night: Vol. 2’

After taking the bass music world by storm with his newly-launched Subsidia Records, which saw a monstrous three-part compilation release, Excision is gearing up for round two. Recently, the bass music mogul took to his social pages to announce the arrival of Night: Volume Two. Loaded with 32 more artists on the imprint’s swiftly-growing roster, the heavy-bass-focused compilation album will see featured selections from Psyoctave, Cvptagon, Downlink, another original from Excision himself, and tons more.

Also, be sure check out CE‘s “Step into Subsidia” playlist, which includes selections from the first three albums, Dawn: Vol. 1, Dusk: Vol. 1, and Night: Vol. 1. “Dawn leans more melodic, Dusk is more experimental bass and Night features the heaviest tracks,” Excision explains of the label’s structure and curation.

The album is due out next Tuesday, December 1, 2020.

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