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Remembering i_o: The EDM world responds to Garrett Lockhart’s sudden passing

The dance music world was struck to the core at the sudden, unexpected passing of i_o, the acid techno alias of Garrett Falls Lockhart. He was an ICON Collective graduate, deadmau5 protégé, and quickly rising headlining act. While the details surrounding his death haven’t been released, Lockhart’s swift ascendance and his dark, industrial persona were both gaining him heavy global attention. It was a persona that centered around i_o’s love of the underground and his deep commitment to techno’s warehouse resurgence. So it’s unsurprising how i_o’s death was met with widespread shock and dismay amongst his industry friends and colleagues, school and label mates, and fans.

Immediately following the news, there was an outpour of Twitter remorse from fans and artists alike reacting over the terribly tragic news of a talent taken too soon. From the utter shock and awe from REZZ, Kayzo, and Sully, to the remorseful tones of industry leaders like deadmau5 and Pasquale Rotella, to artists like 3lau who never even met him, it’s clear i_o’s influence was powerful and far-reaching.

Going to miss you my dude,” deadmau5 lamented, “it was a real pleasure working with you and watching you succeed… may you find rest, and let your music live on into eternity.”

Jauz‘s memorial notes were the most heartbreaking and telling into the late producer’s character and working relationships. He tweeted at deadmau5, “you were truly Garett’s number one inspiration. Getting to watch him be welcomed into the horde, tour with you and get the recognition from you he wanted so bad but would never admit to. You really changed his life.”

As the world continues reeling from the sudden death of i_o, it’s important to remember that though he is gone, he will never be forgotten.

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