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Common Creation clinches perfection with new EP, ‘Gold Soul Galaxy’

Future Funk newcomer Common Creation has recently taken electro-soul to another dimension with his new five-tracker, Gold Soul Galaxy. Packed full of jazzy melodies, gritty bass, euphoric soundscapes, and everything in between, Gold Soul Galaxy is in a league entirely of its own.

The EP journey begins with “Wave Flex.” Instantaneously, listeners will be enveloped with an ethereal introduction into a new dimension. The beat drops and takes command. Warping and pulsing synthesizers are accompanied by head-bobbing percussion patterns that feel like a sunny day. But the magic eventually transitions into a wobbly, face-scrunching fusion of electro-soul and bass-music that will infect even the casual listener.

As the title track off the EP, “Gold Soul” brings listeners back to that gold-laced soundscape you visited at the beginning of “Wave Flex.” Rolling pianos dance over you with elegance. Lush fields of soundwaves captivate the listener, while drum kicks and claps force you into motion. All before its eventual metamorphosis into a future-bass anthem. Highlighting Common Creation’s diversity, and production prowess.

Then comes the absolutely massive “Come Selecta.” This track scraps the “grace,” and replaces it with “bass.” A vocal call to action warns you of your impending doom. Buzzing and thumping bass force facial contusions and noise complaints in most suburban neighborhoods. This is the rail-breaker of the EP. 

Next is the palette cleanser, “Close Wonder,” featuring multi-instrumentalist Adam Stehr. Bass riffs and guitar melodies are backed by hard-hitting percussion and shimmering keys. With the incorporation of a throbbing bass pattern, Common Creation and Adam Stehr take the listener to a multi-dimensional jazz club; making these two a collaborative force to be reckoned with.

Finally, the project reaches its final destination with “Take Your Time.” In a triumphant conclusion to this impressive collection, this track takes you back home on the scenic route. Impressive sound design and a spotlighted trumpet arrangement ultimately lead you to another bass-warped blend of electro-soul. 

Common Creation – Gold Soul Galaxy EP

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