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Two moments that prove why Subtronics’ Electric Forest set was a weekend highlight

At Electric Forest, it’s become standard for artists to bring their very best to the decks each year. Armed with A-game arsenal of unreleased tracks and mashups, Philadelphia-born dubstep producer Subtronics is one name who’s been standing out amongst the creative pack this past weekend.

During his sunset performance at Tripolee, Subtronics unleashed a heavy unreleased GRiZ collaboration he’s had under wraps with a silky, liquidy drop. The crowd’s roar erupted across the field and the video has since gone viral on Twitter. Then Subtronics proceeded to deliver a surprising twist for his riddim-going fanbase in the form of a mashup of Virtual Self‘s “Ghost Voices” into a Harlem Shake/Deathpit drop. Not to mention, he used the opportunity to rinse out many of his Cyclops Army EP tracks for the very time.

If those two moments weren’t enough, Subtronics went onto to play an ID-filled set full of unreleased collaborations with Rusko, Snails, Peekaboo, and Dirt Monkey and TYNAN. Listen to Subtronic’s full Electric Forest here.

Watch the two defining moments of Subtronics Electric Forest 2019 set below.