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Ravenscoon releases cerebral liquid DnB track, ‘Neuromancer’

Liquid Drum n Bass will always have a special place in the hearts of bass music aficionados, not the least of which is Ravenscoon. The San Francisco-based producer, who is fresh off his first Electric Forest renegade appearance, is celebrating by releasing a six-minute sonic journey that ventures deep into listener’s cerebral pathways.

The track, dubbed “Neuromancer,” is an ode to the 1984 science fiction novel by William Gibson. “I had never read Neuromancer the novel until recently,” says Ravenscoon of the track. “[I]t struck me as a deep, complex, and dream-like book that barely scratched the surface on a vast and detailed cyberpunk dystopia in the not so distant future.”

Eclipsed with elements of trance, classical piano, haunting vocals, and a fast and pounding baseline, it’s also a marriage of Ravenscoon’s love of sci-fci fiction and the liquid DnB genre. In other words, it’s the musical encapsulation of the many feelings the book gave him. It’s also a track that will make listener’s brain cells dance as they are lifted off into a dream-induced state of grounded self-reflection.

Featured album art: Joe Hickey, THINKDRIP!