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Ivy Lab teams with Two Fingers on gritty new single, ‘Orange’

Amon Tobin, Brazilian journeyman music producer, has spent decades perfecting his craft in a variety of genres, releasing eight albums under his name since 1996. In 2009, he began working more in the hip-hop/drum and bass scene under the name Two Fingers, collaborating with many other producers along the way.

That trend has continued as he joins forces with London legends Ivy Lab for a new tune titled “Orange.” The British trio, known for their work in drum and bass over the years, have recently released a slew of halftime tunes that are absolute blistering bangers. Halftime, somewhat of a spiritual successor to drum and bass, essentially cuts the typical DnB tempo in half, going from around 175 to around 87.

Ivy Lab’s experience producing DnB has led them to be one of the premier producers of halftime as the genre gains traction in the electronic music world. Their standout single from last year, “Cake,” is a prime example of this face-scrunching genre of music and will be remembered for shredding dance floors on the festival circuit in 2018 and beyond.

The new track develops this style even further and is an incredible effort from the veteran producers. Combined with Amon Tobin’s legendary sound design prowess, this combination is one that fans won’t want to miss.