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Here are five of the most zany moments from Electric Forest 2019

Electric Forest has officially come to a close for its single-weekend event since 2016. With hallmark performances from Bassnectar, The String Cheese Incident, ODESZA, Zeds Dead, and countless more, the event will go down as another monumental success. Partly because of it’s many crazy, zany moments — all of which never fail to documented online by the Forest Family for all the world to see.

From attendees like Twitter’s Deodorant guy keeping strangers fresh and clean, to Bassnectar fans grilling steaks for the third year in a row, to a dressed up wook preaching “the answer is love, the question is fart,” now those at home can see the kind of whack-tastic shenanigans that go on deep inside Sherwood Forest.

Here are five of Conscious Electronic‘s most hilarious moments that occurred at Electric Forest 2019.

1) “Love is the answer, the question is fart.”

2) Pride spirit animal

3) Steak Nectar v3

4) First Bassnectar set, peaked too early

5) Deodorant guy

Featured photo: aLive Coverage.