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Welcome to the world’s first 100 percent solar-powered recording studio on wheels

Joachim Garraud is a French DJ and producer whose tenure in the music industry outstretches most of the lifespans of many in his audience. The 25-year-long industry vet is now also the creator of LAGOODVIBE, the world’s first solar-powered recording studio on wheels.

The vessel is a 36-foot Fleetwood RV equipped with everything that could possibly be needed to create a successful studio. It comes with a personal chauffeur and can easily convert itself into a place to sleep at night. Four people, as well as the driver, can sleep comfortably.

Garraud is very aware of the current environmental crisis and kept that in mind while consciously creating the bus. In efforts to reduce his carbon footprint and try and fight climate change, solar panels were strategically placed atop the bus. This allows it to consume as little energy as possible. Passengers are also always provided with completely organic meals.

The original inspiration for LAGOODVIBE came from multiple scenic locations that Garraud discovered during his travels across the United States, more specifically along the West Coast. With a studio on wheels, it could easily access all of those locations and transport itself to numerous noteworthy recording hot spots along the way.

Breathtaking views can be seen from almost anywhere while on the bus. The sun can come in through the rooftop during the day and the stars can be seen from there at night. It’s a wonderful invention that will hopefully inspire others and be the first of many.