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EPROM and G JONES release defining single ‘Daemon Veil’ via Deadbeats

Serial collaborators EPROM and G JONES have just had another meeting of minds to create an overwhelmingly impressive track, dubbed “Daemon Veil.” The joint effort marks their first collaboration since 2017’s Acid Disk EP. As they’ve proven time and again, the two mastermind underground bass producers go together like a match and flame, both uniquely in tune with the dark, complex side of bass music’s uncanny sound design.

“Daemon Veil” is special because the two artists “took the opportunity to explore the DNA of some of our early influences, the prescient artists who hacked together the prototypes of acid and jungle that brought us where we are today,” EPROM shared on Twitter.

The sickening track screams Ineffable Truth, yet with a deep EPROM twist due to the countless layers, aloof a capellas, wildly random sounds, and jolting drops. Experimental bass just reached a new level of madness thanks to these two bonafide conduits of bass music. While the track is certainly not the first of last of the two great minds, “Daemon Veil” does mark their first release together on the powerhouse Deadbeats label.