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Madeon announces his very own Good Faith radio show on Beats Radio 1

Madeon has been relentless over the past few weeks. After the release of his first single in four years, he made an appearance at Porter Robinson’s inaugural Second Sky, dropping a legendary set that had the music world buzzing. His tour announcement and accompanying Good Faith LP came after that, and now he has announced his own radio show also by the same name.

The Good Faith project involves fans submitting their creations, of which there are four categories: remix, fan art, a special song, and music. The remix section is remixes of Madeon’s single, “All My Friends,” the fan art section is for fan-created art inspired by his music, the special song category is for songs that are “really special” but not Madeon’s own work, and the music category is for fans to submit a song that they wish the world could hear.

It’s unclear exactly what this project will be for, but it’s a certainty that Madeon’s new radio show will be involved somehow. Hosted on Apple’s Beats 1 Radio, the show will feature some of Madeon’s own favorites and some of the music and art that is created by fans. Madeon also featured his new single, “Dream Dream Dream,” on the first episode, with much more new music anticipated from the incoming Good Faith LP. It can be streamed on Apple Music.