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Madeon announces sophomore album, releases first solo single in over four years

Almost four years have elapsed since Madeon released his debut LP, Adventure. At the time, the then-21-year-old wunderkind was being labeled the next big producer in the dance music world. He would then go onto to a new phase in his young, burgeoning career with 2016’s Shelter Tour alongside friend and mentor, Porter Robinson.

Now the French producer is gearing up for the release of his second studio album, which he revealed in a recent SiriusXM BPM Radio interview is being dubbed Good Faith. The new creative direction will mark another turn in his creative catalogue and Madeon is honoring the new era by homaging to all his favorite pop music. Madeon continues,

“I’ve been working in the studio for a couple of years now and uh, I call this era that I’ve been working on which is, you know, a collection of music, and the art direction, and the visuals and all that stuff, and the live show obviously, all those elements—they fall under the umbrella of “Good Faith”. And so that’s the name of the project, and right now I’m focusing on the first song that I’m putting out from that, which is called “All My Friends.”

But make no mistake, while the music does fall into the range of disco-inspired pop, it’s still very much Madeon’s own. Take the release of the album’s first single, titled “All My Friends,” which takes on a funky, feel-good mid-tempo vibe that is as uplifting and light-hearted as it is meticulously crafted and lyrically significant.

“I was kind of trying to make an experiment, and see if I could create music like that pretty much all on my own,” continues Madeon in the interview. “So I gave it a go, and that’s the song that came out of that.”

Listen to Madeon’s “All My Friends” below, out now on Columbia Records.