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MUST LISTEN: Wreckno drops a bodacious bass bomb in the form of his debut ‘Pansy’ EP

How does one describe exactly what Wreckno has done now?

It’s like he combined the best of 90s to early 2000s hip-hop beats, mixed it with underground bass, and sprinkled his boisterous queer rap flair on top. A true intersectional genius is what critics will be calling Brandon Wisniski, the twenty-something LGBTQ artist who’s been running around as Wreckno since his early hey-days of Twitter. The alias has now permanently stuck, its safe to say, just as Wreckno’s sound is bound to stick around for decades to come—inspiring and encouraging a whole new generation of queer artists towards the spotlight.

Today, June 22, Wreckno has surprised released his debut EP, Pansy, a few hours early and it’s such a statement-making piece of work that it doubles as Wisniski’s true “coming out” moment. All puns aside, Pansy does exactly what a debut project should do: it comes to the forefront of attention to say, “This is me.” And while he’s been steadily building a name for himself artistically since as early as 2019, Pansy is Wreckno’s sonic exposé about growing up effeminately gay, reclaiming the hate speech he dealt with since the age of five, and, above all else, on saying that he’s here, he’s queer… and he’s only just gotten started.

Wreckno has already released “Honey Drip,” which we got to talk to the artist about exclusively, along with a teaser to “Hieroglyphs” in its music video release, but now the EP comes to its full and final state of fruition. Chocked full of collaborations with newcomers like Whom? and Hershe, usual suspects Jordnmoody, Ujuu, and Ruku, and a special appearance from Chase Icon and queer pop artist Miss Tiddy, Pansy is so genre-shattering for EDM that it’s unlike anything electronic dance music has seen before.

After all, dance music has become so predominately white, straight, and male since its 2012 global explosion that a campy gay icon is exactly what this scene has needed for so long— especially if the culture is to hold itself up to being as loving, openly accepting, and radically inclusive as it claims to be. So it’s no wonder the Indiana resident has catapulted himself to main stage appeal in such a short time. But careful not to pigeonhole Wreckno into that “gay best friend” role because he is so much more than his sexuality… or he may just sleep with your man.

With hot, boisterous numbers like “Freaknik” with Whom? and the highly energetic Hershe-assisted tune “A Little Bit,” Wreckno still makes room to be incredibly vulnerable on the EP, as evidenced in the Ruku-assisted track, “Run Away.” In doing so, what Wreckno has done is showcase the kind of true versatility and strength as an artist that we haven’t yet seen of him before. Wreckno has always been known for being unapologetically himself, and while that sort of authenticity is still one of his greatest strengths as a human, he’s also here to say with Pansy that he refuses to be anyone’s tokenized gay stereotype. He’s merely here to be himself, as he always was.

Armed with the lyrical genius of a white, male Missy Elliot—yet wildly original and all-his-own on Pansy—Wreckno has truly stepped into his own. Need proof? Well, the proof is in the “Honey Drip.”

Wreckno – Pansy EP

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