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CamelPhat enlist Jake Bugg on ‘Be Someone’ ahead of forthcoming debut album

British duo CamelPhat delivers once again on another impactful song, “Be Someone.” This time, they’ve chosen to feature British singer-songwriter Jake Bugg on vocals that fall into the bluesy simplicity of The White Stripes. Resting on a backbone of inspirational lyrics that speak to the importance of being present, this instant classic surrounds the senses in luscious yet subtle synth landscapes.

Always the pair to enlist minimal house beats, CamelPhat display a mastery of time structure as melodic layering adds hypnotic depth. The result is a mysteriously sounding atmospheric groove. With a signature sound that is mesmerizing yet simplistic, CamelPhat delivers on what fans and critics have come to crave from the duo.

CamelPhat has been capturing hearts and minds ever since their acclaimed wide release of “Cola,” a collaboration with Elderbrook which earned a Grammy nod for Best Dance Recording. Since announcing their debut album is in the works last October, fans can expect full novelty on the horizon from the burgeoning UK duo.