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Supertask reiterates reasons for hiatus before releasing a timely single, ‘Healing’

Kyle Bishoff, known best under the Supertask moniker, has unexpectedly returned from a brief hiatus with a soft single that speaks volumes. Bishoff previously left the loyal fans with his version of Lapalux’s “Without You,” after the spiritually-attuned artist took time to explain some hardships he was facing in his personal and professional life and why the break was necessary.

Powerful messages are continuously spread through Bishoff’s music and, because of it, Supertask has created a very close community. That part doesn’t come as a surprise though since this Oregon-based producer has always had such a unique style of music that highlights duality. Supertask’s latest track, titled “Healing,” comes at a time when healing is so deeply needed in the bass music community. Setting the stage for its release, Bishoff fired off on Twitter on the same day that Bassnectar announced he was “stepping back” from his career.


Taking some time for his own healing, Supertask was able to create something beautiful as he continues to move through the stages of grief in “Healing.” Some four days after saying he doesn’t see himself ever coming back to performing music, due to the EDM community’s toxic “cancel culture,” the track is now being used to help many others heal as well. With the current state of the world, it’s greatly appreciated amongst everyone right now. There is so much healing that needs to be done.


Upon first listen, the track is ethereal, extremely delicate, and light in a way that seems far too perfect for this world. The song’s transcendental tones and beautiful arps stay persistent as “Healing”  moves gently between melodic and eclectic components, taking listeners through a truly meditative experience. Troubles seem to wash away as “Healing” pulls fans into the present moment, even if just for those six minutes.

Featured photo: Luis Vazquez