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Ganja White Night reveal another piece of Mr. Wobble’s story in newest music video for ‘Chak Chel’

Ganja White Night has just released their third animated music video to follow up “Wobble Master” and “Lfo Requiem,” the two previously-released videos off their 2016 Mr. Wobble LP. With vibrant and captivating animation work by graphic designer Ebo, the Brussels-based producers say all the animated releases will eventually tell a larger story.

The newest video to piece together their larger animated world centers around “Chak Chel,” which is the eighth track off their most recent Origins LP.  Along with their distinct wobbles, GWN begins with a beautiful tribal layer as the song’s main foundation; with foreboding tones and sharp synths arriving somewhere in the song’s mid-point, when the conquistadors invade the peaceful Mayan landscape in their highly-technological space crafts and new-age weaponry arsenal. The whole aesthetic really calls up an Avatar vibe, with much of the same themes running through it.

Themes and motifs of Mayan culture further abound in the new music video, including nature versus technology, the clash of civilizations, and ancient mythological symbology. Eventually, a strong female lead unleashes the sacred power of Mr. Wobble to overcome the sinister invaders. GWN has previously spoken to us on the root nature of this force:

“In different civilizations, the people receive this power, and what we see in the video is how, in this period, of this era, at least, Mr Wobble is using it this way. We still don’t know where this power comes from, or how he’s be chosen, maybe it was an accident, we don’t know.”