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Global Eclipse organizers scouting South America’s Andes Mountains as 2020 festival location

Exactly one year to the day has passed since to the total solar eclipse transformed the beautiful mountainside of Oregon. To mark the one year anniversary, organizers at the Global Eclipse Gathering have released information regarding the next location’s whereabouts.

The globally-renowned festival is a massive undertaking, to say the least, as 13 of the world’s premier independent festivals come together under one united umbrella. The same producers of the 2017 event are gearing up for another elegant dance of the sun and moon in just over two year’s time — including Symbiosis Gathering, Lightning in a Bottle’s Do LaB, Australia’s Rainbow Serpent, Sonic Bloom, South Africa’s Origin, Costa Rica’s Envision, and Oregon’s Beloved, to name a few.

Organizers said the following in a statement,

Since departing Oregon, we’ve been scouring the earth for opportunities to see such a magnificent sight again. We are happy to say that we’ve found multiple options for creating another global gathering for the 14 December, 2020 total solar eclipse. We are looking into venues on both sides of the Andes and working with local officials to see where would best fit our needs for a safe and spectacular gathering.

We will be welcoming back some collaborators from our Oregon experience as well as adding new ones to the fold, looking forward to strengthening existing bonds while building new ones in creating another novel experience. May your lives continue to be filled with inspiration, magic, and community!

Currently, organizers are exploring both the Chilean and Argentinean sides of the Andes Mountains right at the point through which the path of totality travels.

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The transformational gathering will take place around the total solar eclipse on December 14, 2020. Stay tuned for more information rolling out over the next few months as to the festival’s whereabouts. Click here on where to view every total solar eclipse over the next 50 years.

Feature photo courtesy of Jacob Avanzato