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RL Grime sources fanbase for music to include in his upcoming Halloween VII Mix

For the past seven years, Henry Steinway has unleashed his annual Halloween mixes onto the public to much critical and fan praise. In fact, the spooky seasonal mix has made RL Grime quite the tastemaker. With past mixes that have featured incredible intros from Goosebumps author RL Stein as well as theme songs from Stranger Things and Halloween, the Nova producer has been delivering the mixes since 2012. And every year, he raises the bar for himself.

This year, RL Grime is calling on has fans to submit tracks that they believe would fit the mold of his seventh Halloween mix. Whether you’re a new producer trying to get your music out to the masses, or a fan with expert curating abilities, now is your chance to show off your taste to Steinway and to the world.

Tracks can be sent to halloween@rlgrime.com.