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Bassnectar confirms new Naux Faux & ‘Reflective Pt. 4’ projects are both underway

For devout followers of Bassnectar, who collectively scour the country upwards of ten times per year on average, hearing an extremely rare track played out live is a spiritual experience. Basscenter XI (BCXI) housed one of those extremely rare moments as Bassnectar unleashed one of his most elusive tracks (“Leprechauns Arise,” from his 2005 album, Mesmorizing The Ultra) in front of a lucky sold-out crowd in Hampton, Virginia.

The moment will surely go down in infamy amongst his die-hard fanbase. But more than that, Bassnectar took to Twitter in the days following his Labor Day weekend special event to announce that bass heads will be getting the song sooner than thought, in the form of an updated track on his forthcoming Reflective (Part 4) EP. The tweet marks the only utterance from the Bassnectar team that another chapter in his Reflective EP series is indeed unfolding — and straight from Lorin Ashton’s typing fingers too.

It’s no surprise that Ashton has long been keen on re-mastering his classics with a new-wave flare. Across his last five full-length albums, he has re-released versions of “In The Beginning” (2016); “Breathing,” “Dubuasca,” and “Enter The Chamber” (2015); “So Butterfly” (2014); “Laughter Crescendo” (2012); and “Head’s Up” and “Parade Into Centuries” (2011).

The real surprise comes in the form of a second EP to follow up his Naux Faux side project, a duetted endeavor with longtime pal Sayr. Bassnectar took to Twitter a mere 24 hours later to reveal that the two producers were in the studio together working on more glittering downtempo compositions to round out their debut self-titled Naux Faux EP, which was released last Valentine’s Day.

No word has been given on the exact release dates for Bassnectar’s next two projects. But given how Ashton released his Naux Faux & Reflective (Pt. 3) EP projects both in 2018, fans can expect to see the two follow-up EPs arrive within months of one another, sometime next early year on Amorphous Records. The Bassnectar releases are rolling out like clockwork.

Watch a fan-recorded video of Bassnectar playing “Leprechauns Arise” live in Hampton, which was elected democratically by bass heads in the weeks leading up to BCXI.



Photo Credit: Rukes