Nicole Moudaber gives Moby a budding techno reboot for two-track ‘Adoption’ EP

Techno icon Nicole Moudaber has just released her brand new two-track Adoption EP via her own independent imprint, Mood Records. The mini-project features two remixed tracks from Moby‘s most recent album, Everything Was Beautiful, And Nothing Hurt.

Characterized by dark, grinding synths and heavy, brooding beats, Moudaber elicits Moby’s relaxed, electro vibe while adding wildly futuristic layers and immersive textures to the 90s dance pioneer’s original works. The first remix tackles Moby’s “Like A Motherless Child,” where Moudaber builds a dark, twisted, and yet subtle landscape with slowly building tech-styled progressions and budding releases.

The second track re-imagines Moby’s “Mere Anarchy” in a such a way that forces listeners down a rabbit hole of budding tech elements that leaves little room for coming up for air. Such is Moudaber’s signature move — to fully immerse listeners in a embodied, cinematic experience.

Moudaber’s Adoption EP is currently out on 12-inch vinyl, with wider release scheduled for October 5 on digital streaming platforms.

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