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K?d breaks ground in his breakout debut ‘Find Paradise’ EP

Ever since k?d broke onto the electronic music scene with his electrifying blend of synthwave, trap, and bass, the rising artist has been been releasing wildly innovative single and one-off remixes. Suffice it to say, k?d’s track record has been catching the attention of fans and industry professionals alike — most notably for his remix of Daft Punk‘s “Doin’ It Right” and a heavyweight collaboration with REZZ.

Now Patrick Cybulski, the young man behind the k?d moniker, has released his 6-track debut EP, Find Paradise. Complete with cybernetic basslines, video game-inspired sampling to boot, and cinematic structures, Find Paradise is one breakout project that will surely put k?d in the company of Porter Robinson, Jauz, Illenium, and company.

From the REZZ-adjacent bass lines of “Polluted Blood” to the wildly imaginative and ethereal world built in the title track, “Find Paradise,” k?d carefully constructs a dynamic and gripping storyline that fans will become immersed in for years to come. To be frank, k?d pulls on so many elements that it’ll likely make heads spin and hearts buckle. Take “Creator’s Flower,” for instance, where k?d juxtaposes frantic drum n’ bass percussion with throwback trance elements and a robust chorus line melody. There’s every kind of genre and every kind of mood in this boundary-breaking debut project.

To pair with his EP release, K?d has recently kicked off his massive headlining Find Paradise tour this fall, with dates all across the US, Canada, and Australia.

Find Paradise Tour

October 5 – Boulder, CO
October 6 – Denver, CO
October 11 – Santa Ana, CA
October 12 – San Francisco, CA
October 13 – Los Angeles, CA
October 18 – Seattle, WA
October 19 – Portland, OR
October 20 – Tampa Bay, FL
October 26 – Fortitude Valley, Australia
October 27 – Parramatta Park, Australia
October 27 – Mooloolaba, Australia
November 2 – Sydney, Australia
November 3 – Perth, Australia
November 5 – Melbourne, Australia
November 15 – Vancouver, BC
November 16 – Calgary, AB
November 17 – Toronto, ON
November 23 – Kelowna, BC
November 24 – Edmonton, AB
November 29 – Philadelphia, PA
November 30 – Cambridge, MA
December 1 – Montreal, QC
December 6 – San Marcos, TX
December 7 – Pontiac, MI
December 8 – Chicago, IL