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REZZ has cult fans wondering: What in hell is ‘Nightmare on Rezz Street’?

There air is turning crisp. Nightfall is arriving earlier and earlier. It’s that familiar time of year when everything feels a tad spookier.

Halloween is coming.

REZZ knows it, and she’s using the season to stew up her very own potion in the form of a cryptic teaser that has her fans nearing fever pitch. In a series of tweets made today, the “Hex” producer has conjured up her very own hype mill.

First, she changed her Twitter avi (aka: profile pic, avitar). She then tweeted out a link to a rather bare website with a countdown timer leading to Monday, October 22, at midnight. The website directs curious fans to an image of REZZ in Freddy Krueger imagery, thus forming the connection that Isabelle Rezazadeh has got something in the works that is going to haunt your dreams.

Aside from an obvious play on the eighties horror cult movie classic Nightmare On Elm Street, no one seems to know exactly what in the world “Nightmare On Rezz Street” is referring to. No one except insider Rukes, that is. The high-profile EDM photographer revealed that the treat REZZ has in store for her cult fan base on Monday is no trick.

Which leaves all of us lay people to wonder: What the hell is it? A Halloween-themed event? A surprise EP? And so soon after A Certain Kind of Magic?

Not even REZZ’s loyal cult family have the slightest clue of what’s to come, who are themselves coming off a magical weekend at REZZ ROCKS.

If there’s one thing fans know of their beloved Space Mom, REZZ is a queen at blowing everyone’s expectations clear out of the water. And if there’s anything we know of REZZ fans, it’s that they will uncover the mystery piece by piece in the days leading up to the official announcement.

Stayed tuned for more breaking news surrounding the mystery of “Nightmare on Rezz Street.”