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REZZ’s sophomore album is nothing short of Magic

After six months of budding excitement, and three single releases to keep our tongues dripping with anticipation, REZZ has finally satiated her cult fan base’s appetite with the release of her second full-length studio album, Certain Kind of Magic. And it’s safe to say she’s created a Pavlovian masterpiece that has converted the masses into a pack of salivating dogs ready for feast.

It seems like only yesterday that Isabelle Rezazadeh took to Twitter to announce her next LP was complete and, presumably, in the mastering stages. Since that time, fans have been treated to the album’s first three tracks: the sinister sounding “Witching Hour,” a heavy collaboration with 1788-L in “H E X,” and the hypnotizing and ever-taunting “Flying Octopus.”

Today, August 3, REZZ unleashes the full power of CKOM, available now on mau5trap. From beginning to end, the entire LP is a cohesive masterpiece with each track working together to build a sinister rollercoaster ride of haunting twists and turns.

The album includes three solo originals from Space Mom herself — “Witching Hour,” “Flying Octopus,” and “Spider On The Moon,” respectively — which all sound as if they were specifically designed as transitional/thread pieces for her live act. Surely, REZZ will be using these to hypnotize the masses.

CKOM also brings along five collaborative tracks with 1788-LKotekDeathpact13, and Fytch. Stand out tracks on the album include: the Kotek-assisted track, “Teleportal;” the indie-sounding “Toxin,” with it’s male and female vocals that are both haunting and comforting; and her track with mystery-producer Deathpact, “Life & Death,” which builds a glitchy, distorted landscape of ticking clocks, razor sharp drops, and classic REZZ-style synths.

Upon first listen, one cannot help but feel like they’re been transported into Lemony Snicket’s Series of Unfortunate Events or American Horror Story’s Season 4: Freak Show. Terrifying, yes, and oddly-intriguing to an almost sadomasochistic degree. It’s almost as if we’ve been trapped in a haunted circus and the only way out is to subject yourself to REZZ’s hypnotizing tracks with their carnivalesque appeal.