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REZZ releases third single off forthcoming sophomore album, ‘Flying Octopus’ [WATCH]

REZZ is taking her hypnotic, other worldly sound stamp to new heights and even deeper depths. When the Neptune goddess isn’t busy performing at every major festival, she has been knee-deep in pushing the boundaries of her sonic oeuvre with her sophomore album, Certain Kind of Magic, out August 3 on mau5trap.

Following two previous releases from her forthcoming LP  “Witching Hour” and the 1788-L-assisted “H E X,” respectively — REZZ is primed for another hot new release. Dubbed “Flying Octopus,” the video utilizes a 2-D collage-style of animation in which a young Octopus and his band of aquatic pals are shown building a vehicle to help them escape their underwater isolation at the bottom of the ocean. Along the way, they discover REZZ’s alien frequencies, which catapults their submarine into the stars (and seemingly towards Neptune).

Watch the full music video for “Flying Octopus” ahead of Certain Kind of Magic’s August 3 release.