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REZZ releases previous ID with 1788-L, ‘H E X’

Back in March, REZZ captivated fans at Ultra’s Worldwide stage with a huge new ID with a then-unknown producer by the name of 1788-L. Now that previous ID receives it’s title in the form of the track “H E X.” The track arrives in anticipation of REZZ’s forthcoming sophomore album, which is slated to arrive August 3 on Mau5trap.

What better way to hype up a new album than promoting a keen young talent that shares REZZ’s dark sound stamp along the way. Certainly, 1788-L’s mark on the track is heavy; especially on the title, which utilizes the same spaces and capital lettering as the rest of his release titles. The funny thing is that fans and industry professionals alike are dying to know who exactly 1788-L is. Here’s what we do know: He is a he. He has released a ferocious 10 songs in a matter of four months. Finally, sources close to CE have revealed that the rising act is based out of Dallas, Texas.