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Alison Wonderland speaks up about mental health, emotional abuse: ‘I wanted to kill myself’ [WATCH]

Despite the nature of her on-stage alias, Alison Wonderland‘s life has not always been fairytales and rabbit holes.

The Sydney born producer was training to become a professional cellist, practicing up to 8 hours a day, before her life was turned completely upside down. In fact, she’s made it her mission to be upfront and conscientious as possible with some pretty taboo social issues — specifically, her struggles over her own mental health, including anxiety, depression, and emotional abuse. Her recent sophomore studio album, Awake, actually touches on the deeply personal experiences she’s encountered by channeling her traumatic past into creative avenues.

Now Alex Scholler has reached a new point of genuine disclosure with her fanbase by shedding her skin completely in a brand new interview with Viceland.

“I was completely disintegrating,” she revealed as she fought back tears. “It was a very tough time. I wasn’t eating. I wasn’t talking to anyone. It was literally…destroying me. I couldn’t remember what was good about me, I couldn’t remember why anyone would even like me. I couldn’t remember…why I was even here, and at my lowest point, I tried to kill myself.”

Her honesty and raw emotion reminds fans how everyone similarly deals with destructive personal issues, which makes her so relatable and authentic.

“Don’t be too embarrassed or proud when you’re feeling down to admit it someone. Because if you can catch it before it gets really bad, you can actually snap out it a little bit easier.”

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H/T: Mixmag