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Soundcloud wrongly removes original content from dozens of bass music artists

Over the last 72 hours, bass music artists were being targeted by an unknown attacker. Upwards of 300 bass music tracks were removed from SoundCloud as a result of false copyright claims filed by the anonymous fraudster. Operating under the account name of “Dr Egg,” the unknown user allegedly made copyright violation claims against multiple artists, including Mastadon, Slimez, Subtronics, Xaebor, Ubur and Wooli.

Even Herobust, who was unaffected by the attacks, issued a tongue-and-cheek remark of over SoundCloud’s service.

According to  SoundCloud, “Dr Egg” used email addresses that pointed to Moonboy and Too Vain as issuing the wrongful strikes. It appears the fraudster falsified Moonboy’s signature and fabricated his name on the claims. Moonboy shared a video via Twitter alleging his innocence in the matter.

To further fan the flame, the fraudster took to Soundcloud to brag about the takedown, posting remarks on the targeted artists’ account like the following:  “how are you liking your copyright strikes? hope you learned your lesson to not fuck with me. sorry not sorry. [sic]”

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As a result of the attacks, a petition on Change.org has surfaced attempting to get SoundCloud’s attention over their failing copyright system.

H/T: EDM.com