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G Jones’ Ineffable Truth tour will take you to another other-worldly dimension [Tour Review]

There is a verse in the fifth track of G JONES‘ The Ineffable Truth LP that perfectly incapsulates the experience around his album-accompanying tour:

“I don’t think that you can take much credence to what I say, because the shifting patterns of the things I feel and see around me.”

The quote, taken from “Soundtrack to the Machine,” speaks volumes to the breathtaking live experience that Greg Jones has constructed around his debut LP because — much like the album itself — it’s hard to put into words.

At the start of his expansive 32-date Ineffable Truth tour, Conscious Electronic was invited to cover his second stop in Dallas. To see the way it is already shaping up, and how G JONES’ main event is already so masterfully crafted right out the gate, is nothing short of breathtaking.

And when one looks up the meaning of the word “ineffable,” defined as “too great or extreme to be expressed or described in words,” it’s easy to see why one may be at a complete loss.

The night began with a highly-demanded rising bass act out of South Africa’s drum and bass scene, who operates under the moniker of Chee.

Chee, real name Lesego Chez, delivered a set that fully showcased his 10-year-long mastery of a visceral style of DnB infused with elements of neurofunk and dubstep. Chez dropped tracks like “Sledge” and “Get Hot,” released on Algorythm RecordsBuygore and Saturate! Records, to a growing crowd of bassheads as they entered the venue space.


With another opening act from fellow Bay Area producer Woolymammoth, the night was gearing itself towards a highly-stylized, experimental directions. Wooly delivered an hour long set that took his hip-hop inspired bass music to the extreme core of its more low-end reaches, with mixing that played with experimental bass lines and starkly different frequencies.


Finally, the house lights went down for the highly-anticipated main event of the evening as Greg Jones took to the stage in darkness. A slow and cinematic opener would demand fans attention, captivating their senses and warning them that a fully immersive experience that was about to ensue. Jones’ silhouette was visible only through a heaping cloud of smoke as G JONES’ signature black-and-white aesthetic took fans back to the early days of film lore. Indeed, we were witnessing a highly-stylized movie experience that would soon take us into the deepest parts of our minds.


Pulsating white lights and LED visuals featuring the artwork of Victor Mosquera quickly became the centerpiece of the show, as G JONES dropped new track after new track.

G JONES also did well to deliver a few classics from his previous tour, connecting his growing fanbase of loyal followers to the past in one simultaneous present. It was in these moments that Jones would play his psyechedelic stomper, “Help! I Can’t My Way Out,” from his joint-EP with EPROM, Acid Disk.


The crowd stopped in their tracks when G JONES delivered the eighth track off his album, “Time.” It had all the makings of an instant classic that fans will no doubt be traveling far and wide to witness live. The track, played out live for one of the first times, would lead fans into six full minutes of blissful melodies, echoing breakdowns, and visuals that would force fans deeper into the hallways of their minds.


Once the house lights settled, and G JONES took his usual family picture, fans were left in disbelief. Jaws dropped and stunned, wide-eyed faces abounded.

“I can’t believe he didn’t play any Bassnectar songs!” a high-pitched voice shouted in the distance. To answer that question bluntly: It’s because he doesn’t need to anymore.

What G JONES has done for himself is create a highly auteuristic display of his very own sights and sounds. Sights and sounds that, much like his mentor Bassnectar, tug at the psyche and catapult fans into another world — a world that exists far out in outer space and also deep in their subconscious.

And we wouldn’t have it any other way.

No doubt, as Greg begins to add more nuances to his live act while on the road, the show is going to evolve and develop new storylines. With a whole cast of pals by his side, including Bleep Bloop, Charlesthefirst, Truth, Tsurda, Yheti, and more, it’s a tour that you simply cannot miss if you call yourself a fan of the cutting-edge bass movement.