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Laika Beats shares ethereal 4-track ‘Space Dog’ EP

Only four months after releasing his Light in the Darkness project, Denver producer Laika Beats has returned with a brand new melodic bass EP.

The 4-track project, entitled Space Dog, features glowing, ethereal synthesizers over the kind of heavy bass layering and drum work that fans have come to expect of the rising bass act. As an artist in direct support of Bassnectar at last year’s Basscenter X gathering, the space bass influences are heavy on Laika Beats’ sonic stamp. From the aptly named title track, to the hip-hop samples in “Back At Em,” to shimmering synths of “Love Life,” the EP takes listeners on a cyclical journey through the cosmos before dropping them right back off on earth.

The name “Laika” comes from the Soviet street dog that was the first creature to leave earth on a rocket and enter orbit. Clocking in at just over 14 minutes, the short form project touches down with the full cohesion a full-length album with all the trapping of a grounded, yet far out universe.