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Is this cryptic teaser video pointing to Nero’s long-awaited return?

Other than Nero‘s Blade Runner: 2049 tribute title, and their 2017 collaboration with ZHU, fans really haven’t seen much new material from the UK titans of dance in years. Yet when considering the four-year-long gap between Nero’s debut studio album and their sophomore full length effort, it’s not hard to start imagining the three could have a new LP on the way.

Now, following the release of a video teaser on social media, it looks as though the London-based trio is hot on the comeback trail. The short and cryptic clip teases something on the way for December 4. If tomorrow does in fact bring about brand new original music, then an impending album roll out is not only likely — it’s long, long overdue. And because it’s Nero, it’s likely going to be huge.

Featured photo: Koury Angelo/Billboard