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Mt. Analogue releases leading track on gripping psybass compilation, ‘Seeds of Tomorrow Vol.1’

Experimental bass producer and vocalist Mt. Analogue has released yet another track as the year draws to a close. It’s difficult to pin a genre on the multi-talented artist, as he can be found rapping, creating glitchy bass beats, or using a more ethereal style coupled with haunting vocals to evoke a more delicate feeling.

For the release of “Sands,” the titular leading track on Seeds of Tomorrow Vol. 1, he chose the latter, combining a sparse, spacious instrumental with heartfelt, lilting vocals. The lyrics evoke a sense of melancholy hope, and balances a slightly depressing overall tone with uplifting lyrics. “Spread your wings and feel the breeze, uplift your mind a while,” floats in as he harmonizes over a lush soundscape of spaced-out pads and bare-bones drums patterns.

The prolific producer continues to keep fans guessing, and can now add the leading track on this compilation to his already impressive 2018 release catalogue.