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Road to Lights All Night: Meet Nora En Pure

Lights All Night has become one of the year’s most anticipated end-of-year gatherings over the past decade. Held annually at Dallas Market Hall in downtown Dallas, TX, the festival has gained a veritable reputation as the South’s premier holiday dance music festival. This year, Diplo, Kaskade, Excision, Tiësto, and REZZ are among the top acts that will draw fans to the twi-day indoor massive. To take a closer look, we’re highlighting some of our favorite acts on the bill’s undercard in our Road to Lights All Night series. 

The first in our artist spotlight is Daniela Niederer, better known by her stage name Nora En Pure. She is a South African-Swiss DJ, deep house producer, and one of the first artists of her kind to develop a melodic deep house sound that pulls heavily on raw, organic instrumentation.

Nora En Pure, Tomorrowland: Amicorum Spectaculum, Boom, Belgium, 2017.

Instead of following the trend towards the more commercial vocal melodic house, the Nora En Pure experience has opted toward bringing together disparate sounds and pulling on different styles and genres. It’s cool, collected and calm, but also euphoric, upbeat, and extremely danceable. It’s also earned her namesake bookings at the world’s top festivals in Coachella, Tomorrowland, Elements NYC, EDC Mexico, Decadence, and many more.

As part of the Helvetic Nerds in Switzerland and the main force behind the Enormous Tunes label, Nora En Pure’s catalogue has developed a characteristic sound that is emotive, otherworldly, well received, and highly recognizable. Despite having already found her signature sound, she’s not glued to it by any means. Niederer is always on the lookout for new ways of doing things so people don’t expect everything to sound like a “typical Nora en Pure” track.

To gain a better taste of Nora En Pure’s blissfully honest sound, listen to the 2013 single that gave her much notoriety, “Come With Me,” which lingered on the Beatport Top 100 for over seven months. In fact, just listen to whole EP while you’re at it. Also, be sure to check her out at this year’s Lights all Night, held December 28 – 29. Limited GA tickets remain and can be purchased on their website.