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Napster, TIDAL, Apple Music had the highest artist payouts in 2019

The music streaming wars aren’t only about subscriber rates. For creators, who are looking to support the platforms which support them back, they may be better off using Napster, TIDAL, and Apple than any other platform.

In a recent report, Digital Music News published streaming royalty payouts list of the top streaming services across the web. Soundcloud didn’t even make their cut, which speaks volumes to platform whose had a contentious relationship with creators. The publication gathered information from third-party websites, ranking streaming services according to their per-stream rate. Then, they calculated the number of streams needed for artists to earn the federal monthly minimum wage ($1,472/month) on each platform. Here are the results:

  1. Napster – $0.01682 per play, or 77,474 total monthly plays.
  2. TIDAL – $0.0125 per stream, or 117,760 total monthly plays.
  3. Apple Music – $0.00735 per stream, or 200,272 total monthly plays.
  4. Google Play – $0.00611 per play, or 217,752 total monthly plays.
  5. Deezer – $0.00640 per play, or 230,000 total monthly plays.
  6. Spotify – $0.00437 per stream – or 336,842 total monthly plays.
  7. Amazon – $0.00402 per stream, or 366,169 total monthly plays.
  8. Pandora – $0.00133, or 1,106,767 total monthly plays.
  9. YouTube – $0.00069, or 2,133,333 total monthly plays.

If an artist reached the monthly play minimum on all nine platforms, their monthly income would amount to $13,248 just on music streaming royalties alone. To research more on artist payouts, check out this in-depth article on Record Player Pros.

Via: Digital Music News.