The amount of remixes of Zedd‘s seminal 2012 track, “Clarity,” could fill anthologies. Over six years later, one recent remixer has effectively breathed new life into the classic. In a surprise Christmas Day release, Virtual Riot put his very own touch on the track and it’s unlike anything fans have come to expect from the dubstep producer.

Dubbed a “Sad Virtual Riot Remix,” the track begins solemnly and gracefully with lo-fi textures and elegant strings. The entire track dips into downtempo territory with a beautiful gradual build throughout that culminates in a brief dubstep section at the end of the composition.

On his Soundcloud, Virtual Riot said, “I owe you guys a free download for Christmas so here is something I didn’t want to collect dust on my hard drive for all eternity.” Needless to say, fans are sure glad he didn’t.


Written by Ryan Morse

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