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Save the date: Wakaan Music Festival is officially on the books

Liquid Stranger‘s esteemed Wakaan imprint has been hitting the mark in left-field bass movement for some time. Now that the label has gathered up an impressive roster, boasting the likes of Peekaboo, Minnesota, Esseks, LUZCID, and more, its high time Wakaan put an official event to solidify their stake in cutting edge bass music.

Last summer, the label took to its Facebook fan page to source potential festival dates for an official and overdue music festival. Now they’ve delivered on their promise of an official Wakaan Music Festival, which is officially slated for October 3-6, 2019. The four day event will likely don a full label showing along with the biggest and best names in fridge bass music.

More info on the festival is promised soon, although fans have already been heatedly anticipating where the festival will be touching down. According to Riverbeats, much speculatory talk has pinpointed its whereabouts at either Spirit of Suwannee Music Park or Legend Valley, which is the former home of Resonance Music Festival.

Via: Riverbeats