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Watch these unreleased Skrillex IDs captured at Snowta

Before making his double Decadence and Snowta three night NYE run, it was rumored that Skrillex had tons of new music ready for release in 2019. The fact was later confirmed from several artists over social media, but the OWSLA head had several very special surprises for his fanbase in Minneapolis.

During his headlining appearance at Snowta, Skrillex played a decadent NYE set choked full of crowd-pleasing stompers. Mixed in alongside his classics were a few unexpected unreleased tunes, including his Space Laces collaboration and many more that even his most devoted fans couldn’t identify. Thanks to one fan who managed to capture every single unreleased track, now fans of Skrillex can enjoy every single one of his new IDs side by side in a now-viral compilation.

Featured photo courtesy of Skrillex.