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Insomniac reveals full festival calendar for 2019

Promotional giant Insomniac Events is well-known for putting on a vast yearly array of music festivals. Hosting events on both coasts and everywhere in between, their offerings span from festivals, to genre-focused raves, to partnerships with clubs. Over the years, Insomniac has grown to be as ubiquitous as festival season itself, with events that boast the largest names and most stunning production value world over. Never one to beat around the bush, Pasquale Rotella has wasted no time in letting fans know what to expect from his 2019 branded events.

Calendars were handed out at this year’s annual Countdown NYE festival —complete with the usual satellite events, from EDC Mexico to EDC Orlando, along with some newer offsprings, including the HARD branded event thats Insomniac absorbed in late summer of 2017. The first round, Holy Ship!, has already come and gone, with the ocean cruise’s second weekend wrapping up. Beyond Wonderland returns to Southern California in late March, EDC Las Vegas lands again in late May, and Electric Forest will occupy its traditional spot at the end of June.

However, the calendars don’t list the exact festivals that are happening, instead opting to simply circle the dates when Insomniac events will be taking place. This has led to speculation about a few of the dates, such as whether HARD Day of the Dead or EDC Orlando will occupy the early November slot. Most of these have actually been announced, so it’s already up to the listener to decide which Insomniac events to attend this year! Head over to their current event list to check out the official offerings.

  • January 5-9, January 9-12: Holy Ship!
  • February 23-24: EDC Mexico
  • March 22-23: Beyond Wonderland
  • April 6: Beyond Wonderland Monterrey
  • May 11-12: EDC Japan
  • May 16-20: EDC Las Vegas
  • June 27-30: Electric Forest
  • August 3-4: HARD Summer
  • September 13-14: Nocturnal Wonderland
  • October 25-26: Escape Psycho Circus
  • November 9-10: HARD Day of the Dead OR EDC Orlando
  • December 31: Countdown NYE

H/T: YourEDM