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Stream deadmau5’s debut film score from Netflix’s ‘Polar’

Deadmau5‘s debut film score has officially landed. The Toronto-based producer sat down recently with Forbes, describing the soundtrack as one of the major recent milestones in his life, along with first donning the mau5 head in his twenties, and getting married in his thirties.

deadmau5 shared his thoughts on producing the score for the new Netflix original film, Polar, ahead of it’s January 25 premiere: “Having done the symphony, when I was approached by Jonas [Akerlund] to do the soundtrack I was like, ‘Yeah, sure I can totally do it with the confidence that I could do it.’”

He also says the chance to work for Netflix was much more appealing considering how they’re doing things much more significant than anything coming from the classic Hollywood studios at the moment.

It’s widely thought that deadmau5’s long-winded progressive arrangements have always been cinematic, but now he can attribute an entire collection to being just that. The entire soundtrack is now available for free streaming on Spotify.

Via: Forbes