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Crywolf taps into the dark abyss on ‘Drip,’ the next single from his incoming studio album

Justin Phillips hasn’t released a new project under his Crywolf moniker since his debut Cataclasm LP in 2015. That’s all about to change because the Los Angeles-based producer, vocalist, and multi-instrumentalist has been scouring the depths of the Huilo Huilo rainforest in search of not only himself, but the next phase of his evolutionary sound.

In lieu of it all, Crywolf has released the next single off his next full-length studio album, Widow (Oblivion Pt I). The single is titled “DRIP,” which was born during his time in the South American rainforest, where Phillips says he was working through his quarter-life crisis.

Through his own captivating vocal overlays, abstract lyricism, and instrumental beats, Phillips creates the world of Crywolf. It’s a world that is as cinematic and surreal as Cataclasm—one that is sure to take listeners on a sonic rollercoaster ride into the dark abyss at one turn and into heavenly rapture the next.

Crywolf’s Widow (Oblivion Pt I) is set for release March 22.