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Feed Me releases ‘Feel Love’ from forthcoming second studio album on mau5trap

The moment Feed Me fans have been waiting for is soon upon us. The world premiere of his second studio album, High Street Creeps, is coming February 22 on mau5trap. To celebrate, the UK-based producer has released the album’s first single in the form of a beautiful ballad featuring the hauntingly ethereal vocals of Rosie Doonan.

The track, dubbed “Feel Love,” has elements of trance, electro-house, and those steady and uplifting Feed Me builds. Even in the beginning moments, the sheer complexity of the single is striking as layered cuts of Donnan’s angelic lyrics take hold. Once Feed Me blends her vocals into his signature synth-lead vocal chops, it’s all over from the song’s first drop.

There’s a certain quality about a Feed Me track that has the ability to break down your walls and leave listening in euphoric splendor. “Feel Love” is the perfect encapsulation of this powerful production capability.

Feed Me’s next album single release, “Sleepless,” will land February 15.