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Rusko’s 5-track ‘Megarad’ EP signals a UK-dub comeback [STREAM]

Rusko is back with a 5-track EP, Megarad, out now on Zeds Dead‘s Deadbeats imprint. The UK DJ/producer has truly delivered a multi-genre bass project, filled with eclectic perspectives while identifying depth and originality. Characterized by elements found in early UK dubstep days, such as the foundational pulse and dubs with a sub-focus, the release also runs on high energy drum patterns. 

“Squirrel Beta” is a crescendoing bass waltz of steady, yet punchy beats accompanied by distorted bass leads. Retro-filled synth insertions give an eerie taste of the tunes’ theme. “Open The Feeling” mixes in orchestral ambiance with a two-step movement. Shrouded in sub bass, which creates an emotive atmosphere, the song’s sheer subtlety adds profundity as hi-hats add balance.

“Spatula” offers up weird bass fusions with accelerating grooves. Throughout the track, the repeated lyric, “let’s go,” amplifies a tripped-out future sound design being stylized, twisted, and smashed in different sonic recipes. “Hardcore Raven” is a pulsating drum n’ bass exploration of high-energy tempos. Listeners get a mixture of beautiful headbanging madness with seismic basslines that make the ground shake. 

The EP closes with the previously-released track, “Squeeze (Burnin).” The song is a vibey groove of reggae wonders dipped in a world of electrifying synthesis. The bass in here is fluid, bouncy, and dubbed out which makes for both an adventurous feel and a lounge chill.

2019 may very well just be the beginning of a circular trend back to when the dub style entered into mainstream “EDM.” Seems like much of what is still very present and alive in the underground dubstep community is gaining rediscovery. Either way, Rusko is certainly leading that trend.