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Watch Pryda’s extended live set closing down Brooklyn Navy Yard

When Brooklyn Navy Yard announced it was shutting down on February 23, Eric Prydz requested the honor of closing the notorious venue with a special show under his Pryda alias. Selling out the venue in record time, Pryda gave the venue its final farewell through a crooning 3-hour extended set. So it was already a historic moment that needed to be captured on film.

Thanks to one committed fan in the Prydaholics Facebook group, now everyone can relive the historic night. In the video, albeit low-quality, Pryda takes his audience on a journey through careening progressive builds, complex beat work, and of course the signature “Pryda snare.”

Eric Prydz is among the formidable list of artists whose loyal following is consistently capturing his awe-inspiring live sets on video, and posting them for all the world to see. However, Pryda fans went a little further with this one, giving the gift of the evening’s full tracklist, which includes a fully original set packed with plenty of new Pryda IDs.

Watch Pryda’s full set at Brooklyn’s Navy Yard below and take a peak at the tracklist.


Pryda – The End (00:00)
Pryda – Holo Glasgow ID (09:30)
Pryda – Annexet (11:27)
Pryda – From Within (15:55)
Pryda – EPIC Radio 015 ID (23:30)
Pryda – Echostage 2019 ID 01 (Baby All Night ID) (29:45)
Pryda – EDC Mexico ID (36:52)
Sander Kleinenberg – M.A.N.I.A.C. (Eric Prydz Private Edit) (43:15)
Pryda – Tomorrowland 2017 Intro ID (Police Escort ID) (50:30)
Pryda – M.S.B.O.Y. w/ Eric Prydz – Tribute To Stockholm (Acapella) (54:40)
Pryda – Clapham (1:00:50)
Digitalism – Circles (Eric Prydz Remix) w/ Kings of Tomorrow – Finally (Acapella) (1:11:40)
Pryda – Lillo ID 04 (1:18:45)
Pryda – Ohrid ID (1:24:34)
Eric Prydz – Every Day (Pryda Remix) (1:30:30)
Pryda – Night Breed (1:35:10)
Pryda – Frankfurt (1:42:10)
Pryda – Armed (1:48:00)
Pryda – Remember (1:52:25)
Pryda – Javlar (1:58:20)
Pryda – Genesis (2:04:45)
Pryda – Aftermath w/ Loleatta Holloway – Love Sensation (Acapella) (2:13:55)
Pryda – Sing Sing ID (2:26:30)
Pryda – Lillo (2:31:30)
Pryda – You (Interlude) (2:41:00)
Eric Prydz – Pjanoo w/ Pryda – Viro w/ Pryda – Allein (2:43:00)
Eric Prydz – Exchange Finale ID (2:54:00)