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Radius clause lawsuit brought against Coachella dismissed in federal court

Last year, Portland-based festival organizers behind Soul’d Out Music Festival went on the offensive when they hit Coachella with a lawsuit over their stringent radius clauses. They alleged the clauses were “coercive” and “unlawful,” further stifling the competition when festivals thousands of miles away could not book the same artists for their own events.

Months later, the AEG and Goldenvoice-run California mega-festival was forced to make the specifics of their artist contracts public. The radius clause bars any artist booked at Coachella “from performing any festival in North America from December 15 to May 1,” nearly a six month period around the springtime festival.

The lawsuit brought against Coachella, which was filed on the federal level, has now reached a verdict. The main argument that Goldenvoice’s attorneys brought to the table rested on how the clause helped to preserve Coachella’s uniqueness and further prevents other promotional companies from free-loading off their high-profile bookings.

The federal judge also stated in the verdict that the Oregon Plaintiffs’ claims of “unlawful restraint of trade, unfair competition, and tortious interference” will be dismissed Of course, Soul’d Out will have the opportunity for appeal, but it looks likes a win for the Coachella camp.