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deadmau5’s Cube 3.0 experiences technical difficulties at Ultra: Watch the full set

This past weekend on Ultra Miami‘s Live stage, deadmau5 uncovered his Cube 3.0 production for all the world to see. The visual design was a masterful technological feat as well as a pure sight to behold. Armed with an extended set spanning nearly and hour and forty minutes, deadmau5 play all original music perched atop a Cube that spun in 360 degrees as well at a small vertical axis, became translucent at times, and perfectly synced eye-soaring visuals.

However, the Cube 3.0 cut the cheese about 50 minutes into the set when it overloaded the generators. Joel Zimmerman can be seen roaming around the stage tweaking with wires and inputs for a full eight minutes before his team got the rig back into fully functioning power mode again. As with any new production marvel, one is bound to face potential technical malfunctions, but Zimmermand handles it like a champ. By the end of the set, the Cube 3.0’s magnificent production more than makes up for the tiny blip in time.

Thanks to a fan-recorded video, courtesy of user Mi5taKlean, the entire set is available to stream via YouTube in 1080p 60 fps. If the HQ video doesn’t inspire you to attend deadmau5’s upcoming North American Cube v3 tour later this fall, then we don’t know what will.