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graves releases 7-track ‘Far From Here’ EP on Sable Valley

With the recent creation of RL Grime‘s new record label, Sable Valley, electronic music fans have been holding their breath, waiting for the inevitable outstanding projects would be released under its umbrella. It’s no surprise that one of the first efforts from the nascent label is the Far From Here EP by graves, given that the single that announced Sable Valley was an RL Grime and graves collaboration called “Arcus.”

The Hawaiian producer shines here, allowing his music to take a more emotional direction while maintaining the wall-of-sound, stadium-trap style that is more in line with RL Grime’s signature sound. The first three tracks come banging out of the gate, going so far as to feature the notoriously heavy hitting ZEKE BEATS on the song Intro. The fourth track is a more quiet, ambient movement appropriately called Reset, and the last three tracks move into some evocative vocal performances by a slew of guests.

Throughout the project, graves seems comfortable getting a little more vulnerable and creative with his music, and it shows. If this is any indication of the kind of music that will be coming out of Sable Valley, the future is certainly bright.