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Did Skrillex just announce he’s going back into the studio for that rumored album?

The electronic dance music word has been reeling with speculation over a possible Skrillex album, ever since Diplo ignited rumors. It’s something that has been long-overdue for fans, but for Sonny Moore, whose been using the past few years to produce his friends’ albums, he says he’s about “to start going full speed ahead, no turning back.”

Albeit vague, to say the very least, the dubstep legend minced a few words over Twitter, seemingly alluding to the fact that he is preparing to focus on his own musical output. It’s difficult to decipher the full meaning behind his statements, since Moore appears to be thinking out loud at best. But the stream of consciousness narrative does lend hope to the potential that Skrillex is buckling down to head back into the studio. Can a looming album announcement now be considered all-but-official?

Featured photo courtesy of Blood Company.