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Woodstock co-founder Michael Lang in talks with new investor… and you’ll never guess who

Woodstock has long been a symbol of staunch progressive activism. Co-founder Michael Lang, the face behind Woodstock Ventures LLC, has made a decades-long public image on the flower hippy personae of Woodstock and it’s “drop acid, not bombs” mentality. So it’s surprising, to say the least, when the newest flock of investors in the bid to save the historic festival includes Donald Trump‘s attorney, Marc E. Kasowitz.

However paradoxical though it may seem, Woodstock’s 50th anniversary might just be back on. After all, Lang and company are pursuing major legal action after former investors, Dentsu Aegis Network, unrequitedly and prematurely called off the event when they publically announced they were pulling funding. Woodstock 50 scrambled in the days after, pursuing a PR campaign nightmare as they sought out investors like Live Nation and AEG, both of whom reportedly turned them down.

In a new press statement, Michael Lang says Dentsu Aegis Network “[does] not have the right to unilaterally cancel the festival,” further elaborating that Woodstock Ventures LLC is currently “in talks with investors who are anxious to come in.”

We have a short window to put this back together,” continues Lang. “That’s obvious. We feel it’s enough time, and there is enough interest, that we think we will accomplish it.”

There’s no telling what exactly is on the horizon for Woodstock 50 at this point. This kind of public fall out is certainly a blow to the festival’s stability. If the 50th anniversary does go ahead as planned, as so many hope for, the festival is set for August 16-18 in Watkins Glen, New York. View the full lineup here.

H/T: Consequence of Sound | Source: NY Times