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Lightning in a Bottle releases full 2019 workshop schedules, music set times, festival map + more [FESTIVAL GUIDE]

Southern California’s most renowned transformational festival, Lightning in a Bottle, is just five days away. The energy onsite is rising as production officials and artists alike are gearing up for this year’s extravaganza. The yoga, music, workshop, and collective art schedules are live and ready for participants of the community to plan their journey through the weekend.

It is extremely important for all attendees to be cognizant of the information provided on the festival’s arrival & survival guide. The do’s and don’ts, what to bring and what not to bring, and map of the land can all be found here. Be kind and courteous to the new neighbors of Bakersfield, the new festival grounds, and fellow LiB citizens.

For those who are still on the fence, this is a must-see, must-do event. Tickets are still available and can be found on the festival’s official site.

The official interactive LiB app will be coming soon.

Lightning in a Bottle 2019 Set Times:

Lightning in a Bottle 2019 Yoga Schedule:

Lightning in a Bottle 2019 Learning & Artclave Schedule:

Lightning in a Bottle 2019 Festival and Camping Maps:

Lightning in a Bottle 2019 - Festival Map
Lightning in a Bottle 2019 - Camping Map

Lightning in a Bottle 2019 Do’s & Don’ts:

Prohibited Items
  • YES! Enclosed propane stoves
  • YES! Good vibes
  • YES! Backpacks
  • YES! Cameras
  • YES! Alcohol (A reasonable amount in plastic bottles or cans for personal consumption)
  • YES! Coolers in campgrounds
Permitted Items
  • NO Glass bottles or glass containers
  • NO Generators of any kind
  • NO Illegal drugs of any kind
  • NO Weapons (Including machetes for opening coconuts)
  • NO Fireworks, fire tools or fire lanterns
  • NO Pets (Email ada@thedolab.com to inquire and register a documented service animal)
  • NO Fires outside of designated fire pits
  • NO Headdresses or cultures as costumes

Reminder To Mind Your Belongings:

Unfortunately, many people have reported pickpockets, bag slashings, and theft of wallets, smartphones, purses, and other valuables during this festival season. While this small number of bad apples in the bunch doesn’t define an entire crowd, there are opportunistic people who come to these events to take advantage of unsuspecting partygoers and it’s important to be mindful of your valuables while at Lightning in a Bottle.