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RL GRIME releases fully instrumental ‘NOVA PURE’

RL Grime has been on fire streak lately, but what else is new? Even while his album NOVA was still making a giant splash during the second half of 2018, he released not one but two remix albums of the now-iconic sophomore project before the year was out. A slew of guest appearances on the album itself, coupled with some of today’s foremost electronic musicians offering their very own cuts, made the three-part NOVA release a formidable force. Now RL is treating fans to the fourth iteration of the project in the form of a fully instrumental version of NOVA.

RL Grime is known for working with a variety of talented musicians from across a scope of genres and styles. That makes this project unique and refreshing, as fans can now enjoy NOVA in three distinct ways—without any vocals, with vocals, or as remixes. Leaving the vocals out of the project is an excellent way to absorb all of the nuances of the album’s skillful production.

There are sure to be listeners who have strong opinions about which version of each song is the best, but we’re simply grateful that we’re able to enjoy it in so many forms.