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High wind advisory leads to EDCLV stage shutdowns

Hazardous weather conditions have threatened the Las Vegas Motorspeedway once again.

On Saturday night of EDC Las Vegas, high winds caused the festival’s main stage, kineticFIELD, and the Dreamstate-hosted trance stage, quantumVALLEY, to temporarily shut down. To make matter worse, due to some staff miscommunication issues, advisory signs on those stages told attendees that everyone needed to evacuate the venue for the entire rest of the evening, which wasn’t actually the case.

The shutdown was merely meant to be temporary, with Insomniac taking to Twitter to announce they were “actively monitoring the situation.” Eventually, both stages reopened after a short time. Yet, once festival organizers advised guests they could re-enter, a large amount had already long exited the venue on shuttle buses that refused to take them back to the venue from their respective hotels. Naturally, many disgruntled fans took to Twitter in outrage, demanding refunds and the like.

It’s not the first time wind issues have plagued the Insomniac-produced spectacle. In 2012, EDC was forced to shut down entirely during the festival’s second year in Las Vegas. Weather is something completely out of organizers’ control, therefore they have wiped their hands clean of returning patron’s money.

Featured photo: Jake West/Insomniac Events